Our approach is easy to understand; it breaks everything down into little lessons which build upon each other in a systematic, cohesive system. You can start with our system or you can integrate it into what you have already learned.


Our approach is based on science and nature, so it will only be incompatible with approaches which do not honor biomechanics or the horse’s spirit.


You can apply what you learn here to whatever it is you do with your horse, even if it is not even dressage. We have students across all riding disciplines who are able to successfully apply our methods and approach to bring out the best in their horse in the easiest, most compassionate way possible.


Our approach is kind and compassionate. Our approach teaches you to see problems from the horse’s point of view, and it teaches you how to resolve any problem in the kindest, most horse-friendly way.


Our approach respects YOU as the one in charge of your learning and your horse’s training. You are the one in control.

This is a method which teaches you to understand the causes for the things that happen and how to distinguish the symptoms from the source of the symptoms.

This is a method which teaches you the connections between the horse's mind, the way his body works, and the way he interacts with you. You learn to understand these connections, how they work, why they work, and what to do about them.

We can foster our creativity in our riding in a way that satisfies the technical aspects (such as which problems cause which symptoms, what body parts of the horse to address, what tools can specifically be utilized to address these, and how to proceed in the overall strategy of our riding).

We also can learn to cultivate our curiosity so that we learn the right questions to ask. As Albert Einstein said, “The quality of your answers is in direct proportion to the quality of your questions.” This is very applicable to riding.

Through this process we can learn to cultivate intuition and feel. Not everyone is born with "feel" or knows how to access their intuition as riders, but these skills can absolutely be learned. With the right tools and strategies.

By learning to ride with curiosity, mindfulness, and intuition, you can ride "in the flow". Learning how to diagnose issues, learning how to problem-solve, learning how to tune in, and learning how to thoughtfully ride every moment IN the moment. This is artistic riding.

It is about purposefully and mindfully being fully in the moment. It is present, alive, and dynamic.


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