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“The Aware Rider” Free 3-Part Live Video Training Series

With Dr. Thomas Ritter and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum

Part 1. The Aware Rider: Developing Rider Feel - Tuesday, April 30 7:00pm CEST / 6:00pm GMT

In this FREE live training, Dr. Thomas Ritter and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum will discuss how you can develop feel as a rider. In order to develop feel, it is important to reduce your muscular efforts. A simple example is how much effort do you need in your fingers to hold a glass without it dropping. When you can reduce the stimulus, you are able to sense small differences in quality. It's about finding quietness and composure in yourself which enhances your awareness as a rider.

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Part 2. The Dynamic Seat - Thursday, May 2 6:00pm CEST / 5:00pm GMT

Why do riders struggle with their seat despite knowing what's correct?

If your pelvis is not organised then everything falls apart, BUT everything above and below also needs to know how to organise around the pelvis.

We will talk about:

- the seat as the centre for powerful action.

- developing sensitivity

- refining your balance

- finding the least effort for what your'e doing, Rather than thinking that you need to be stronger

- Noticing the small ways that you hold and fix yourself more than you need

- Finding “stillness through motion“, i.e. a visually quiet seat is the result of moving in synch with the horse, whereas trying to “sit still“ results in stiffness and excessive motion in the wrong places.

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Part 3. Discovering Balance and Harmony - Tuesday, May 7 at 7:00pm CEST / 6:00pm GMT

In this FREE live Training, Dr. Thomas Ritter and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum will discuss how riders discover and develop Balance and Harmony in riding.

- developing sensitivity and refining balance

- Do you know what you are doing?

- Does your proprioception match reality?

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Instructions for attending:

These events are totally free and are held on Facebook. All will be recorded and can be viewed afterwards but we will answer questions LIVE and we LOVE LOVE LOVE your interaction so if you can, join us!!!

Because these are LIVE EVENTS, you can interact with us, comment, ask questions, joke around, etc. We INVITE your interaction. This is a casual event. Let's get together and CHAT.

1. RSVP to each event. (Links above). Facebook will send you a notification one hour before the live event begins.

2. Sign up for Facebook Messenger Reminders here and you will get a direct link when it begins. (You can unsubscribe at any time by simply typing “STOP”)

3. You can attend direct on Facebook by going to the Ritter Dressage page at at the time of the event.

4. Alternatively you can attend via free Zoom webinar software. To attend via Zoom instead of Facebook, you need to first sign up for the free account at and download their free webinar software. You can attend via Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or mobile device. Sign up for Facebook Messenger reminders ( )and then to attend, click on the Zoom link we send out in the reminders. During the event you can ask your questions in the chatbox.

5. Bring your questions. Invite your friends.

6. Sit down with your beverage of choice and let's make this fun!