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- How your interaction with the horses can stimulate and develop their intelligence.

- And how you can develop yourself to be more thoughtful in your approach with the horses.

- How you can strike a balance between the academic and practical sides of riding.

- How an integrated, biomechanically-based approach to training can keep your horse  EAGERLY HAPPY and sound in his work for much, much longer.

- And how this applies to the you, the rider, too!

- How understanding the athletic intention behind your work can help facilitate faster progress and increase the effectiveness behind everything you do.

- How to nurture the emotional side of the horse, so that your training is about collaboration and relationship rather than exploitation and domination.

- How you can become clearer in your riding and communication with the horse by learning how to become aware of your own emotions and the way they impact the work.

- How you can use your own emotional energy to deepen your relationship with your horse and develop strategies to prevent negative emotions from interfering.

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